Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc.

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About Us

Mutual Housing offers many advantages to its resident members.

At Mutual Housing, residents know that they will never be forced to move, provided that they live up to their responsibilities as resident members of the Mutual Housing Association. 

Mutual Housing keeps housing costs affordable. Housing charges are not affected by escalating costs in the rental housing market; they reflect the actual operating costs of the housing. 

Mutual Housing is well-managed and maintained at high quality standards by its in house professional property management division that is sensitive and responsive to resident needs and concerns. 

The Mutual Housing Association is based on cooperative principles. Its mission is not simply to provide affordable housing but to build a long-lasting community of residents.

Mission and History

In 1988, Hartford had very few vacant apartments and many families were being displaced from their homes by conversions to condominiums. NeighborWorks® America brought together representatives of Hartford’s corporate and public sectors to address the lack of permanently affordable housing in the region. The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. (MHAGH) was born out of this effort. 

MHAGH is a partnership of community residents, local and state government, and private enterprise that is committed to providing affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in greater Hartford. It accomplishes this through the development, and management of high quality resident-controlled mutual housing for residents of varied incomes, development of affordable homeownership opportunities, housing counseling and technical assistance for homeowners and tenants. 



Our Mission

The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. develops and manages affordable housing in Greater Hartford while engaging residents in leadership and educational opportunities. 


The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. (MHAGH) is a non-profit housing development and management firm that works within the Mutual Housing model, as defined by Connecticut law.

Essential to the organization's mission is our commitment to diversity. The Association will not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, sexual orientation, age, gender, religion, political affiliation, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, learning disability, lawful source of income, individuals with children, or any other status protected by statute. In addition, the Association pledges to aggressively and affirmatively market available units to qualified persons of all backgrounds. 

Local Housing Opportunity

Our Communities

55 West Main Street

New Britain, Connecticut 06051

(860) 650-1225

56 Full Circle

Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033

(860) 785-4466

615 Brookfield Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

(860) 785-9277

55 Grove Street

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 06096

(860) 856-7040

222 Park Terrace

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

(860) 756-0774

264 Hillside Avenue

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

(860) 856-8685

17 Martin Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06120

(860) 785-6401

439 Summit Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

(860) 650-1207

1 Jennifer's Way

Manchester, Connecticut 06042

(860) 650-1306

63 Webster Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06114

(860) 947-4042

55 Elm Street

Simsbury, Connecticut 06081

(860) 422-4573

511 Zion Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

(860) 566-8128